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Tax Expenditure Report
January 2009
The "Tax Expenditure Report" is offered in Adobe PDF files. If you do not have the FREE Acrobat Reader, click on the button at left to download and install it on your computer.

Table of Contents

Individual Income Tax
Corporation Income Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Selected Excise Taxes
Corporation Franchise Tax
Inheritance and Estate Taxes
Insurance Premium Taxes

I. Missouri Fund Revenues Receipts by Major Source
II Tax Rates Summary
III. Description of Individual Income Tax Expenditures
IV. Description of Corporation Income Tax Expenditures
V. Description of Sales and Use Tax Expenditures
VI. Description of Other Tax Expenditures
VII. Missouri Highway and Road Fund Receipts
VIII. Financial Institutions and Intangible Taxes
IX. Revenue Loss Estimates of Provisions Previously Designated Tax Expenditures
X. Precedence of Missouri Tax Credits
XI. Technical Notes

List of Exhibits
  1. Summary of Tax Expenditures
  2. Summary of Major Provisions of Missouri Tax Credits
  3. Missouri Individual Income Tax Parameters
  4. Derivation of Missouri Taxable Income-Individuals
  5. Individual Income Tax Expenditures
  6. Derivation of Missouri Taxable Income-Corporation
  7. Corporation Income Tax Expenditures
  8. Tax-Exempt Organizations
  9. Derivation of Missouri Taxable Sales-Sales Tax
10. Sales and Use Tax Expenditures
11. Cigarette and Other Tobacco Tax Expenditures
12. Derivation of Motor Fuel Tax Base
13. Derivation of Missouri Taxable Income-Corporation Franchise
14. Corporation Franchise Tax Expenditures
15. Derivation of Federal Estate Tax
16. Federal Unified Credit
17. Maximum Credit for State Death Taxes
18. Derivation of Missouri Estate Tax
19. Derivation of Insurance Premium Tax Base
20. Insurance Premium Tax Expenditures
21. Missouri Insurance Premium Tax Receipts by Type

The "Tax Expenditure Report" has been prepared pursuant to section 33.283 RSMo 1989 as a catalog of Missouri state "tax expenditures." This publication is the thirteenth such report and has been developed by the University of Missouri-Columbia, Economic & Policy Analysis Research Center, under contract to the Missouri Office of Administration, contract no. AOC6000269 and University of Missouri-Columbia contract no. K9600063. The views, findings and conclusions of the report are those of the author and are not necessarily those of the Office of Administration.
The State of Missouri makes every effort to provide program accessibility to all citizens without regard to disability. If you desire a copy of this publication in alternate form because of a disability, please contact the Office of Administration, Division of Budget and Planning, P.O. Box 809, Jefferson City, MO 65102; phone (573) 751-2345. Hearing-impaired citizens may contact the Division by phone through Missouri Relay, 800-735-2966.